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What to pack for your mindfulness Retreat:

What to pack for your mindfulness Retreat:

You don’t want to over-pack nor do you want to under-pack but you want to make sure you have everything your require. Of course, you’ll want to focus on your practice when you get there, so packing well can free you up to spend time clearing your mind—instead of worrying about what you forgot. It is important to take into consideration the duration of the retreat. I will advice that you make sure that you have everything you need, you want to feel comfortable and prepared for your mindfulness retreat.

Packing Checklist:

Yoga Mat:

I will recommend that you bring a yoga mat, if you don’t have a yoga mat you can purchase one online or at your fitness centre such as Total Sports, Mr Price Sport, etc.

Comfortable Clothes:

Every person has a different definition of comfortable clothes. You might be comfortable in fitness clothing or in a specific skirt or T-shirt, what you wear is not that important as long as you feel comfortable. This is the advice I received before my first retreat:Treat yourself to some new cozy pants, shorts, and oversized tops. You’ll want to wear something lightweight, stretchy, and flowing (probably not too-tight yoga pants or jeans).

Packing layers is suggested:

When we do mindfulness exercises inside, I will always do my best to regulate the temperature, but it is not always possible to regulate the temperature to suite everyone. Therefore I will recommend that you pack layer of clothing as that will ensure that you are comfortable regardless of the weather outside and inside. Clothing must be suitable for both sitting and walking. Make the most of your packing space by utilizing compression cubesand, if the seasons requires, pack multiple base layers instead of thick, heavy sweaters. You might want to pack a silk shawl or light blanket– Depending on the climate you’re visiting, you may choose to pack something for the cooler evening hours.

Comfortable Shoes:

My mindfulness retreats usually happen in nature, therefore I will recommend that you bring comfortable closed shoes. Take into consideration that you will spend time outdoors with certain exercises for example, mindfulness walking.


Please bring with a comfortable camping chair as we will be using this chair to sit on while we watch the sunset and while we spend time in nature.

Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses:

In South Africa the sun can get intense, so please bring anything you want to have, to protect yourself from overexposure, such as SPF, a hat, and sunglasses.

A Refillable Water Bottle:

Please bring with your own water bottle, a bottle you can keep by your side during the retreat. Hydration is important for good health and a balanced mind.

Notepad or journal:.

Bring with a notepad or journal, bring it with so that you can pin down your new experiences and thoughts. On a retreat, you can discover a newfound energy or a shift in how you feel about certain facets of your life. I can speak from personal experience when I say that it is beneficial to have a journal or notepad to write down your ideas for further contemplation and reflection, once you get home.


I will recommend that you confirm with the organiser, but from my experience, I will recommend that you pack your own toiletries. Toiletries – Be mindful of the surrounding environment and choose to fill your toiletry bag with eco-friendly washing products to use during your retreat.

Energy Snacks:

You will receive food but many people prefer to have some energy snacks for in between the meals just for enjoyment or for a boost. Protein-rich snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, and trail mix can give you a boost when needed, so pack a few portions and keep some close at hand during your stay.

An Open Mind:

Even if you forget everything on this list, if you show up with nothing but yourself and an open mind, you’ll have truly all you need to receive all of the benefits of the retreat.

Want to pack something extra?:

You can pack some essential oils like peppermint, wild orange, or cinnamon as can help you to keep your mind clear and your body grounded while you travel and while you are there.

What You Won’t Need on a Retreat:

X - Fancy clothing or jewelry

X - Hair dryer/hairspray

X - Perfume

X - High heels

X - Energy Drinks

X - Your own agenda or schedule

X – Inhibitions

X -Technology

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