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About Me

About Me


My name is Quinton Mundell and my approach to life is holistic. Through my own personal experience I realized, one aspect of our life's impacts has an influence on the rest of the other aspects.




I do believe we are all here for a purpose. Your purpose and your gift is different than mine as what is yours belongs to you therefore you need to discover it.

Individual Counselling

f we are willing to go on an adventure of self-discovery then we start to discover the deep satisfaction which change brings. The more we change, the more flow we create in our lives. Therefore counselling is about bringing change to your current situations, circumstances, beliefs, etc.

Couples Counselling

Couple counselling is a journey people usually choose to do together. I would recommend that you and your partner or partners will be willing to walk the journey together. When we walk the journey together we start to understand and to grow with each other.

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Trauma Counselling

We all try to run away from our traumas through forgetting, denying, blaming, and many more escape routs. Your trauma will keep finding you when you least expect it to arise. You cannot hate the trauma or the person or the event which created the trauma, as hate brings resentment, regret and blame.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching is about finding the blockages that blocks your successes. When we start to ask the right questions, we get the right answers to awaken the higher potential of each individual. 

Life coaching is a great tool to set goals, to overcome obstacles and to discover what you allow to stand between you and your own greatness.

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