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Preparing for mindfulness retreat...

A Guideline on how to prepare for your mindfulness retreat:

You need to plan for a retreat in the same way as you would plan for a holiday. This planning does not only involve physical planning, it involves also mental planning. The focus of a mindfulness retreat is to connect on a deeper level with yourself. It is important to ask yourself: What do I want to receive and achieve by attending this mindfulness retreat?

Some people are excited to learn a new skill such as mindfulness, they know very little, they sign themselves up for a retreat and when they get there they realise that it is not what they expected it to be. Therefore, I will recommend that you do some reading about what mindfulness involves. I will also recommend that you do some research about what to expect on a retreat as it will support you to prepare yourself mentally. A mindfulness retreat can impact every area of your life positively, but you need to be open to the experience.

Is there anything that might prevent you from obtaining fulfillment from your retreat?

As you start to get ready for your retreat, think about potential obstacles you might run into that might prevent you from having a fulfilling retreat.

  • Do you have any last-minute business to take care of at home or at work before you depart?

  • Is there a possibility that any repressed emotions or old trauma wounds surface during your mindfulness retreat?

  • Do you have any personal anxieties about the retreat that might ruin your experience?

Prepare yourself emotionally:

During your mindfulness retreat you might discover things about yourself which scares you as various thought patterns and feelings will surface. It can feel uncomfortable and challenging, when something arises. Therefore it is important to be prepared for emotional challenge. Remember that this feeling has the ability to guide you to a deeper understanding and insight about yourself. It is important to prepare yourself for this uncomfortable feeling as this feeling can teach us about ourselves. During a retreat, a variety of things can surface, including boredom, insight, elation, and strong emotion.

Know what to expect:

Do you like to have your own space or share a room when you go on retreat? Would the meals supplied, meet your dietary requirements, or will you need to bring additional food? To be ready for your trip, make sure you are informed of the practices which will be expected of you during your retreat.

Tell someone about your retreat:

Tell someone about your retreat ahead of time and share with them your feelings about it. By telling someone you will express your excitement or hesitation. This can also support you, as this person can keep you accountable.

Prepare yourself to disconnect:

Not having any contact with the outside world for a weekend can be scary. Prepare so that you don't need to be worried about business or emails while you are away. Set an email informing recipients when to expect you back.

Make sure that you give someone the details of your retreat, as they will need to reach you in case of an emergency. Let your family, friends and coworkers know about your mindfulness retreat, as then they will be more supportive to you and you’ll have peace of mind while your search for peace in your mind. Planning involves organising a house sitter, someone to look after your pets, someone to care for your children, etc.

During a retreat it is important to disconnect yourself from the outside world, therefore ensure that all tasks, duties are done and organised so that you can be fully present during your mindfulness retreat.

How a mindfulness retreat can serve you:

It is possible to practise mindfulness entirely on your own but it can be helpful to be guided. The inspiration and accountability of the group and your mentor for the weekend can be very valuable to develop your mindfulness skills and practise. On a mindfulness retreat you will have the opportunity to get away from technology and to really get to know more of yourself. You will also get out of your regular rut or routine, meet like-minded folks interested in personal growth, and learn insightful techniques that you can take home with you to improve your personal practice.

Don’t have expectations:

Even with preparation you will surely be surprised by certain elements of the retreat. You can only prepare that much then afterwards you will have to let go and trust the flow. It is important to let go of the expectations you have as expectations can lead to disappointments. Give yourself the opportunity to have an experience and to receive whatever gifts reveal themselves during your retreat.

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