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Childhood Trauma


Starting April, 2024. 

1 session every second weekend (Sunday's).

Number of sessions: 8

Once-off cost: R4100.00 - Special

Month to Month: R580.00

Time: 10:00 AM to 14:30 PM 

Each session must be attended in person, or online.

Sessions attendees will automatically be added to the rest of the sessions after the first booking in April, 2024 was made.

What we do not heal we take with us through our journey of life. As a therapist, I noticed how childhood traumas define people’s identity and their relationship with others. A part of us desires to resist the wound, but a different part realizes the importance of healing. If you are ready to take your power back and to step into your true self, you need to remove the layers and the filters which are preventing you. These traumas create blocks in our consciousness and it prevents us from moving forward with joy, bliss and authenticity. 

Childhood trauma is a process, hence you will need to commit to all sessions every second week. 


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