Find motivation to start your journey to heal from your childhood trauma’s...

Why should you start a journey to heal from your childhood trauma?

Every human being has a life story. Though not everyone has the power of recollection or

the courage to change their story to become beneficial to themselves. It is much easier to

blame others or to hold resentment than to forgive. Childhood trauma often leave a story, a

story only oneself can change.

That what happened to us, becomes our story even though others done it to us. We tend to

take other people’s behaviour and reactions towards us personal but what others do to us,

is just a result of their story. If people do not heal their own story, it has a subconscious

impact in how they think, feel and behave and this has a direct impact in what they think,

say and do.

Childhood trauma’s is not necessary linked to our parents nor to our parents parenting

styles. My greatest childhood trauma’s were created due to bullying, teasing by other

children and by what other teachers said to me. Life events occur to all of us, sometimes

childhood trauma’s comes through diseases, death and accidents.

Here is another few examples of what often create people’s unhealed childhood stories: physical

and / or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect, negligence and commercial or other

explotation, which might have resulted in actual or potential to harm your health, survival,

development or dignity.

The impact of not dealing with our childhood trauma’s:

If we do not consciously heal our emotional pains and trauma’s, then these pains and

trauma’s become stories which directly impact our behaviour as what we do not address

consciously will play out unconsciously. What we allow, we give power too. If we do not

change our unhealed stories, our stories starts to control us. Many people’s unhealed

stories gives them a false sense of power, by justifying behaviour or to hold unto

resentment and blame.

If we choose not to deal with our childhood trauma’s, on an emotional level we start to lack

the ability to be vulnerable, to take responsibility and accountability in our personal

relationships. This unhealed story usually impacts how we treat ourselves and plays out in

different ways such as an inability to have self-compassion, kindness and self-love.

By not dealing with our trauma’s we with hold peace from ourselves, as our past trauma’s

keeps us stuck inside our minds. People with a lot of trauma, tend to overthink, over analise,

make assumptions and projections. If we do not deal with our emotional pain, we start to

fear things which might trigger our pain. This pain might be expressed in ways such

inappropriate behaviour, anger, resentment, lack of boundaries, shame and guilt.

To sum it up, I will say that childhood trauma’s has an impact on how we treat ourselves

and others. If we resist to deal with our childhood trauma’s, it many times result in a

dysfunctional relationship with ourselves and with others.

Why is it important to heal from childhood trauma’s:

I do believe that our past is our teacher, by becoming conscious of my past, my past taught

me how to create a more loving and compassionate future for myself and for those who is

close to me. By working through our past we attain tools and resources on how to shift and

transform certain aspects of our lives, once we know how to claim these aspects of

ourselves we can use it and share it with others on our journey forward.

Make no mistake, to heal from childhood trauma or from any trauma is a humbling process,

but the healing process teach us how to treat ourselves and others differently and how to

make choices which leads to dignity, honor and respect. Healing is important, as we heal we

start to make healthier and more empowering choices both consciously and unconsciously,

which leads to a more satisfying destiny.

To integrate what you have read, take time to reflect on your childhood trauma’s by

answering the below questions as honest as possible:

1. What childhood events good and bad was the most significant in your life?

2. How did you deal with big or small trauma from childhood up until now?

3. What impact do you think these trauma events had on your self-esteem and self-


4. How does this impact the way you show up in your own life?

5. What did you learn from yourself and from life by having this traumatic event?

6. Where did you get the strength to go through these traumatic events?

7. What advise would you give to others who might be going through similar


8. What tools, techniques and resources did you find within yourself which has the

ability to support you to deal with future challenges differently?

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